In the fast-paced world of real estate, staying ahead of the competition and keeping sales pipelines healthy is a constant challenge. This was also true for Harcourts Grenadier.

In March 2022, GoMobile, a telecommunications company, joined forces with Hot Leads to elevate their sales strategies and drive results. This case study explores their goals, challenges, and how Hot Leads transformed their lead generation and sales approach, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.

We all know that the global pandemic had a wide-reaching impact on many different industries. That impact was especially hard for those in the events industry. With people operating mostly from home and not gathering in groups, it was impossible for many regular events to take place. Now that restrictions have lifted and people are returning to the workplace, events are slowly starting to make a comeback.

But, people need to be reminded about the existence of these amazing events companies as we are all out of practice at attending and hosting events!

A Taste of Harmony, funded by the Scanlon Foundation, is one of those events. It’s an annual initiative that does amazing things to recognise and celebrate cultural diversity in Australian workplaces.

One of their biggest focuses is to bring people together to share, discover and learn about each other’s cultural heritage in workplaces throughout Australia. While the campaign was able to continue throughout the pandemic, the event’s side was impacted, so the team wanted to invite past participants to bring people back together in person to celebrate cultural diversity.

Enter the Hot Leads team with a targeted telemarketing campaign.

Generating Hot Leads and awareness

The pandemic wasn’t the only challenge the A Taste of Harmony team were facing. “In Australia, March is a very busy time in the diversity and inclusion space, many businesses are running events with this theme. We needed to create opportunities to directly engage with our audience to ensure we were top of mind and prioritised, and that we could encourage people to participate in our

After reading the positive reviews on Google and a campaign discussion with lead generation guru Lisa, A Taste of Harmony were ready to proceed with a Hot Leads telemarketing campaign. The aim was to raise awareness for the important work A Taste of Harmony is doing and encourage participation in the 2023 initiative. But, Hot Leads were able to do more than that!

Hot results in a hot market

“Working with Hot Leads has had a really positive impact on our business results. With their help, we were able to increase the number of registered participants in the 2023 campaign.

In addition to that, through their comprehensive reporting, we were able to identify a list of people who weren’t able to participate in 2023 but wanted to remain on the database to take part in future cultural diversity activities.

The reporting and level of detail Hot Leads provided has proved to be invaluable for our future planning. We don’t always have the opportunity to get feedback from our participants unless they actively send it to us. But, Hot Leads recorded written feedback from every conversation they had with the people on our database.

Now, we understand how people are feeling about the campaign, what they are excited about and if there were any barriers preventing them from taking part. We also got to hear some really beautiful stories about how our resources are being used, what people are getting value from, and how they enjoyed their experiences with us. This all helps us plan for an even more successful 2024 campaign!”

Planning for future success

In a post-pandemic world, you have to use every tool in your toolbox to get back in front of your people, especially in the fast-moving events space. Telemarketing can be a key part of a wider marketing strategy to rebuild brand awareness.

And Hot Leads could be the company to help you succeed. This is what the A Taste of Harmony team had to say about their experience working with us.

“We can 100% recommend the Hot Leads team. We really liked the fact that we were working with a small, dedicated team that were really focused on achieving our desired outcomes. Their attention to detail and comprehensive reporting is absolutely invaluable to us.

Their communication is outstanding, they keep you up to date on what is happening every single day. They managed to have a conversation with many of the people we listed and reported all that feedback to us. The level of detail they captured far exceeded our expectations and they were so meticulous in their approach.

Their level of client service far exceeds any other provider we’ve worked with. They are a small team focused on the task at hand and do exactly what you are asking them to do.”

Are you in the events industry or are trying to raise brand awareness for your business? Then, the Hot Leads team would love to help you as much as we helped A Taste of Harmony. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our focused telemarketing packages.


Staying in touch with your existing connections is vital for successful business. It allows you to update your client base of new opportunities to work with you, plus helps you to encourage great ongoing relationships, repeat business and referrals.

But, over time people’s businesses circumstances change. They may stop trading, pivot their offering, or simply have a change in circumstances. As a result, a database of client contacts can quickly go cold. Suddenly, you aren’t sure which of the contacts in your database are still engaged businesses.

That is exactly the problem NZTE were facing when they reached out to the Hot Leads team. With a CRM crammed full of contacts that hadn’t responded to previous emails, they weren’t sure which of the businesses were still active and who might benefit from their value-packed digital platform.

That’s where we stepped in.

Tactical telemarketing

“We had this project that was important to us, but we didn’t have the time or bandwidth to work on it internally,” says Emma Lewis of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE).

“We wanted to deliver value to our huge base of exporters and business connections by helping them register for our digital platform. But, we had a database of contacts that we’d been collecting for more than 2 years and we weren’t sure which ones were still engaged.”

NZTE is a government agency. Its role is to support Kiwi exporters of all sizes to grow their businesses internationally in order to grow a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy. With NZ products being sought after the world over, this is no small task!

With a hugely busy workload, they did not have the capacity to check the status of each individual in their database. But Hot Leads did!

A hot partner

While every business can benefit from telemarketing, not all businesses have the same needs from their calling campaigns. So, taking the time to establish the needs of our clients and the outcomes they are looking to achieve is vital.

“We chose to work with Hot Leads because of their boutique service offering. We had unique needs and didn’t want a company who simply made sales calls. Hot Leads were able to understand our unusual needs and respond to them, tailoring their service to our different goals.

Working with the team was great. Grant, our Relationship Manager, was super switched on and very easy to deal with. Everyone involved just got who we were and what we wanted. They were all totally reliable and responsive.

Because of who we are and the connections we have, we wanted to work with a customer-centric brand, and that is exactly what Hot Leads delivered for us.”

Impressive results

NZTE had been struggling to make a connection with some of the contacts in their CRM database. The contacts had been sent several emails by NZTE, but were still unresponsive.

Enter Hot Leads! Our team got on the phone to find out if these businesses were still trading and exporting. We then gathered updated contact details, introduced the businesses to the NZTE digital platform and guided them through the registration process.

With humans speaking to humans, we were able to create real connections that opened the door for further contact from NZTE. Over the course of the campaign, we helped activate 500 customers on the digital platform!

“When working with Hot Leads, we got exactly what we needed. They got the results. The final outcome was that we cleansed our CRM database and are now confident that everyone we have there is an engaged business.

Hot Leads were also able to sign many of our CRM contacts up to our digital platform so that we are able to deliver value to these businesses digitally.
If you need a business that takes the time to understand your individual needs and delivers great results, then Hot Leads are the ones to call.”

Do you have an upcoming project that you need help with? Then, let our team know your unique needs and we can tailor a telemarketing strategy to help you achieve it!

What would happen to your business if the number of direct competitors in your industry doubled? This is a daunting prospect for any business owner, but especially difficult😔 during a pandemic, when the selling environment is already challenging.

This is exactly the situation LJ Hooker Huntly real estate agent Vangie Philpot faced this year. During an already slow market, the number of agents in the area increased from five to eleven!

But instead of worrying about the competition, Vangie focused on finding ways to stand out from the crowd, working with Hot Leads on a targeted telemarketing campaign.

Collecting hot leads for future gains

Competition wasn’t the only challenge Vangie faced before connecting with Hot Leads. The market was also in a sluggish phase, with vendors in no rush to release their properties in the midst of a pandemic and during the school holidays.

Sellers are willing to play the waiting game, holding onto their homes until the market changes. But slow markets don’t necessarily mean a lack of opportunities. This is the ideal time to build connections and relationships with clients so that they’re warmed up and ready to work with you when they decide to sell.

A telemarketing campaign conducted by Hot Leads helped lay the foundations for solid relationships and kept Vangie busy during what would otherwise have been a slow period.

“My colleagues are excited that I’m busy appraising even though they aren’t! While the market is slow right now, I’m still getting in touch with these people and building a connection for when they are ready to sell.

[Telemarketing] has helped me to get in front of people and given me long term leads for when they might come back in a year’s time.”

The perfect fit

The thing about competition is that no matter how many competitors surround you, they are not you. Even within the same niche, there are those who offer variations in quality, differentiation personalities, and have varied ways of presenting themselves and their products.

In Vangie’s case, she recognised the value of additional marketing to help her get ahead of the competition. But she didn’t just choose any telemarketing business. She wisely selected a 100 % Kiwi telemarketing and lead generation company with a unique understanding of NZ businesses.

The partnership was a successful one.

“I’ve known other agents who have been to different leads companies, ended up paying way more with less results – no reports like Hot Leads provide. The written reports are great.

Hot Leads spoon-fed the info to me. I have all the leads in my database because of them, with a comprehensive reports, which puts me in a good position to capitalise on the start they made with each of the individuals.”

Fantastic foundations

There’s no good time in business to sit back and wait for things to improve. Slow markets are the ideal opportunity to connect with potential clients, get your name out there, and build relationships in preparation for the future.

Whether you’re faced with increased competition, a slow phase, or reluctant sellers, it’s essential to get keep looking for ways to lay the foundations for a positive outcome down the line. Telemarketing with Hot Leads helped Vangie get ahead of the game. She booked an impressive 43 appraisal appointments from her campaign and has some solid leads to keep her busy for the next few months.

“I recommend Hot Leads because they did a really excellent job. They did their very best for me, even though the vendors are just not ready right now. They’ve done so much, I’m happy. The report was really good; they spoon-fed the information to me, and it will always be there for me to refer to. This gives me the chance to present myself in the best way, and the campaign was done professionally compared to other agents.

I’m so happy I found them.”

If you’re looking for an edge over your competition, why not try a telemarketing campaign? It could be just the thing to get your name out there to your customers and set you up for a successful future.

Get in touch with the Hot Leads team today to discuss how we can help you stand out from the competition.

child cancer foundation logo

The Child Cancer Foundation provides strength and comfort to families impacted by child cancer all over New Zealand via personalised support. In order to carry out their amazing work, they rely heavily on donations collected through various annual fundraising drives as they receive no government funding.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, people’s minds have been occupied with thoughts of lockdowns and shifting alert levels. The Child Cancer Foundation needed a targeted way to remind their various donors and sponsors of the upcoming donation opportunities.

That’s where we come into the story.

Tactical telemarketing

When you are making such a big impact on the families of Aotearoa, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Yet, how do you prioritise the right jobs to focus on when you are in the business of supporting families through such a difficult period in their lives?

Well, Francesca, Marketing Manager for the Child Cancer Foundation, found a practical way that her team could focus on their core work.

“We had a number of upcoming projects, but didn’t have the internal resource available to make a lot of phone calls, so we reached out to Hot Leads. And we are glad that we did! We had a particular fundraising campaign due to launch as a lockdown started and we weren’t sure how it would go and if fundraisers would still get involved.

The Hot Leads team did a lot of work checking in with our registered participants. That work helped us know exactly what the sentiment was we were dealing with. It stopped us having to make assumptions and we could move forward with our plans thanks to the information that Hot Leads gathered for us.”

A hot partner

No matter how worthy your cause is, it can be hard to encourage donations when there is so much else happening in the world. Especially when usual fundraising methods are off the table and lockdowns force you to reschedule various funding drives.

“We were pleasantly surprised by how many of our donors appreciated a phone call from us. The Hot Leads team completed warm and professional calls that took some pressure off our team. Because of the groundwork they did with their calls, we were able to retain or increase our donor’s contributions as well as update their details for our system.

Hot Leads also did a LOT of work formatting their templates to ensure the information received from phone calls could be easily used and uploaded into our system post campaign. The team are very flexible and accommodating.”

Impressive results

In a time of uncertainty and event cancellations, the Child Cancer Foundation was still able to connect with potential donors and raise awareness of their various fundraising campaigns through a number of telemarketing campaigns.

“The Hot Leads team were really passionate about creating great results for us. They went above and beyond in many areas. Not only did they create a large number of warm leads for our team to follow up on, but they had some solutions to make calling campaigns more effective.

We had a number of different campaigns with different audiences and objectives. They included corporate and consumer, raising awareness of events, tele-fundraising, technology, and a mixture of warm and cold leads. Hot Leads had great flexibility and adaptability, able to change their approach when things changed to achieve the best results possible.

Going forward, we now have an extra tactic to utilise for future campaigns. We can better focus our internal resources, allowing our internal team to focus on making more cost effective calls. The Hot Leads team are really easy to work with. They make the process straightforward and clear. Their customer service is great and it was always easy communicating with the team. We had a really positive experience and will be running more campaigns.”

So, if you are looking to raise awareness of fundraising drives or simply generate a list of warm leads, then the Hot Leads team can help you do it.

Get in touch with the team today to chat about how we can help you achieve great results like the. Child Cancer Foundation did!

As New Zealand’s largest network of independent insurance brokers, BWRS understand kiwi’s insurance needs better than anyone. With 25,000 clients nationwide, this customer-centric company is as experienced at providing risk management solutions to corporate organisations as they are at offering rural insurance solutions to the nation’s farmers.

Knowing the importance of referrals in reaching new customers, BWRS partners with various insurance specialists to offer great risk management solutions to their clients.

However, sometimes it can be difficult for their brokers to generate the results they want to from these existing relationships. So, BWRS decided they needed some extra support to help build a healthy sales pipeline and secure ongoing leads. Enter the Hot Leads team!

Tactical telemarketing

Senior Marketing Manager at BWRS, Carla Gilmour, had been in touch with the Hot Leads team in the past and was impressed by their ability to keep her on the phone, so she reached out to them.

Working with data lists provided by BrokerWeb, Hot Leads initiated a trial 50-hour test campaign to generate qualified appointments for their brokers while marketing a fantastic Lifestyle Insurance solution.

“For brokers, it is hard to do the cold calling and have people repeatedly tell people they aren’t interested. This way, we get an initial gauge and then pass over the warm leads only.”

Building a piping hot pipeline

“Insurance is a long sell where people only renew once a year, so it’s critical to have that pipeline to secure ongoing leads. This is a really cost-effective way to make initial contact and get an understanding of whether the client is interested in going further with insurance.”

How long does it take to build a pipeline? When you’ve got the right people on the job, it may be faster than you think! Within a few days, Hot Leads started to secure appointments and the results exceeded BrokerWeb’s expectations exponentially.

“We quadrupled the number of leads for this particular referrer, providing us with a really healthy pipeline to start reaching out to.”

Fantastic service, outstanding outcomes

In fact, the results were so impressive that well before the initial campaign ended, BWRS asked Hot Leads to double the size of the campaign moving forward!

“They were getting fantastic rapport with the clients – it blew my expectations. We finished on around 55% conversion, getting so many leads through, setting up telephone appointments, and sourcing potential clients for email contact at a later date.”

While the outcomes alone were impactful, the benefits didn’t end there: they seeped throughout BWRS to imbue the organisation with a sense of confidence and a more positive mindset about the power of telemarketing.

“The most important thing is opening everyone’s eyes within our network of brokers to how receptive referrals are to having an insurance conversation. There was a perception that cold calling wouldn’t work, which is obviously not the case.”

The teams at BWRS and PGGW are over the moon about their smokin’ new pipeline and excited to continue exploring the potential of telemarketing in the future.

“Hot Leads have created a steady stream of leads and a solid pipeline. We have already had 160 odd leads! It’s a really healthy pipeline for our brokers to work through. We will definitely be using this method again!”

Need a lucrative pipeline for your business?

Well, if you’d like to experience all the benefits of a strong sales pipeline for yourself, reach out to Hot Leads today to find out how we can help you do it.

Treadway Equipped are automotive equipment specialists based in Whangarei. They are an offshoot of Treadway Ltd, a well-known wheel and trailer parts wholesaler established in 1976. Both companies are proudly family owned and operated in New Zealand and boast an impressive 100% satisfaction for 100 days or a money back guarantee. Treadway Equipped are working to be the first choice of companies looking to select the right automotive equipment for their business.

When Hot Leads first met with Treadway, they were looking not only to generate more sales leads but to get in front of their ideal customers – something which had previously proven difficult.

The personal touch

Hot Leads is also New Zealand owned and operated. Lisa Barker, Director of Hot Leads said, “We knew the exact, straight-forward, no nonsense approach Treadway needed to generate their dream customer.”

At only 20 hours a week and within 6 months Hot Leads generated millions of dollars of opportunities for Treadway’s sales pipeline.

The database was diverse and comprised a range of clients spread throughout New Zealand. Telemarketing offered Treadway a cost-effective engagement without the need to have a Sales Rep visit each business location.

Loren Bill, Treadway Sales Manager had this to say:

“I was happily surprised. Maryanne (Hot Leads Consultant) was perfect for this role. Her level of expertise was fantastic, and she easily related to our industry and gained customer confidence.

The first part of the job was calling all our existing clients – a database of around five thousand! Maryanne was able to generate an opportunity from every fourth or fifth call, which was an incredibly impressive conversion. Over a thousand. The second part, the cold calling, was a little harder to convert, but it always is. The results returned were still excellent.

Hot Leads smashed it and their recording and reporting system worked so well. I received daily emails, so it was easy to track our R.O.I.”

There were two telemarketing/lead generation companies we considered for this role, and I met with both of them, but after a small test with each, it was crystal clear that Hot Leads would deliver the best results. Deciding to work with Hot Leads was definitely the right choice.”

Good as gold – Hot Leads know their stuff

The key to success when it comes to a database of this size is efficiency and keeping an interactive dynamic with customers. Relevant and engaging conversations with existing and potential customers maximise rapport and open the door to strengthen ongoing business interactions.

According to Maryanne Simpson (Hot Leads Consultant):

“The personalised conversations made each business owner feel valued and supported whilst gathering valuable information for Treadway management. Customers appreciated the personal, one to one, contact and were impressed with our speedy response, with information requested emailed immediately, and quotes often sent on the same day.

It was very clear that without reaching out to these prospects, Treadway would have missed out on hundreds of opportunities to quote on new equipment as most owners reverted to old buying patterns, and were reluctant, or simply too time poor to research alternatives.”

When following up with the interested parties, the connection had already been established. So, it was a lot easier to move them onto the next step of booking an appraisal service.

Will Loren be using Hot Leads again?

Loved using them for set campaigns and will definitely do so again.

The Pukekohe branch of Barfoot and Thompson boasts some impressive statistics. They were the #1 Branch of the Year in 2021 and won the Residential Sales, Large Office of the Year in the 2020 REINZ Awards. I think we can agree, their agents know how to sell property!

But Pukekohe agent, Neil Sharpe, recently discovered his marketing needed a more strategic approach. Auckland had entered a level 4 lockdown and all the usual methods of open homes and meeting in person were off the table.

So, he turned to a method that would allow him to keep marketing during lockdown restrictions.

Tactical telemarketing

During a citywide lockdown, many things grind to a halt – including a lot of the functions of the property market. So as you can imagine, it is an incredibly difficult time to launch a new career path in real estate! Unless you have a secret marketing weapon up your sleeve like Neil Sharpe discovered.

“Having Hot Leads on my team during lockdown was invaluable. Due to Covid, I wasn’t able to carry out regular marketing methods like letterbox flyer drops. But, by having a professional team making calls on my behalf, it kept my name out there, and allowed me to book a whole bunch of appraisals to start my career off in a really positive way.”

A hot partner

“I loved the idea that I could use this service to build relationships with people.” Neil knows that Real estate is a competitive profession and there are a lot of other agents in the region. But, a telemarketing campaign allowed him to stand out and open the door on a number of opportunities that he would not have had access to otherwise.

When following up with the interested parties, the connection had already been established. So, it was a lot easier to move them onto the next step of booking an appraisal service.

“Everyone I have followed up with was very impressed with the friendly nature and professionalism of the Hot Leads team. When they called the prospects, they made it seem as though they were part of my team. It made the connection far stronger when I called.”

Impressive results

In a time when door knocking and open homing is not allowed, Neil was able to connect with a huge number of people through the telemarketing campaign. And the timing could not have been better.

During lockdown, people spend a lot of time in their homes. Which means they have a lot of time to seriously think about their property, life circumstances, and next moves. Coupled with the onset of Spring and the imminent arrival of new property valuations in Auckland, lots of people were ready to take action, but weren’t sure how to do it.

“The results of the telemarketing campaign are really promising – it is going to pay for itself.” And, it has been so much more effective than a letterbox flyer drop as the results can easily be measured.

“Off the back of the campaign, I’ve booked 18 appraisals, had 70 people sign up to my email database, found 2 people who wanted to discuss the purchase of a property, and have 72 people who have requested follow ups, 8 of whom are keen for appraisals. I could not have achieved this level of connection with traditional marketing methods in the same time period.”

Neil is excited about the remaining potential for further telemarketing campaigns and feels this is just the tip of the iceberg. “I am happy with the results we have got so far and I know something further will come out of this. It will be well worth the investment!”

So, if you are looking to make an impact in your region, telemarketing could be your secret lockdown weapon for keeping you active and visible.

Get in touch with the team today to chat about how we can help you achieve great results like Neil!

Harcourts Grenadier is the leading Harcourts franchise in the South Island. But like most real estate agencies, their busy agents are constantly challenged by the need to generate more listings to meet buyer demand and build healthy sales pipelines.

Tactical telemarketing

Anna Penny Moore, Grenadier’s Business Operations Officer, says that rather than task individual agents to cold call their catchment area, the business decided to take a more strategic approach. “While some of our offices had considered running their own outsourced telemarketing campaigns, we felt that it made more sense to undertake lead generation from a company perspective. That way, we could make sure our scripting, processes, and database protocols were consistent, compliant and well-coordinated.”

Doing a company-wide lead generation project using telemarketing was a new tactic for Grenadier. Over time, they had used radio and Google AdWords, digital advertising, and participated in collaborative franchise campaigns with varying levels of success.

A hot partner

Anna checked out several telemarketing companies as potential partners for their lead generation project, but until she met Hot Leads, she says she was singularly unimpressed. One company pre-invoiced her for just asking about their processes, before even taking the time to call her back. Anna was relieved to find that Hot Leads had a highly professional approach as well as real estate industry experience. And they could access and manage legally compliant databases, as well as understanding the restrictions they needed to work under to avoid encroaching on other franchise territories.

“Hot Leads has been great to deal with,” says Anna. “Their price structure is reasonable, and they knew how to accommodate our exacting database requirements.”

Results that count

When she compares the success of telemarketing to their other marketing tactics, Anna says it has generated much better results for Grenadier. “In the last three months, Hot Leads has made 98 appointments for our agents. The meetings have resulted in two sales, and we’ve secured five new listings. Even if a prospect isn’t ready to list their property, we know they are going to and can nurture the relationship until they’re ready to commit. These are opportunities we wouldn’t have had otherwise. Our management teams are all very pleased with how the campaign is tracking, and Hot Leads has most definitely exceeded our expectations.”