Frequently Asked Questions

If Hot Leads undertake CRM and admin support who owns the database and information?

Any databases provided by your company belong to you. Any additional information added tor edited within the CRM environment are also the property of our client and can be returned in spreadsheet format at any time.

Do Hot Leads provide residential or consumer calling campaigns?

Yes, we do! However, we know from experience that to be successful, campaigning to residential numbers during the evenings and weekends requires a carefully selected audience and targeted messaging. We work closely with you to ensure that your campaign stands out from the crowd.

How many telemarketing calls can be made in an hour?

This is a question we are asked a lot, however it is also like asking “how long is a piece of string”. The number of calls per hour will vary significantly from one campaign to another as the information that is required to be collected differs. Some calls can take 1 minute, others can take 10, depending on the level of conversation and information we need to gain during the call. For first time users of our service, we always suggest a test campaign between 20-40 hours. This will enable us to establish some call statistics in relation to the number of calls/sales/appointments achieved versus the cost of the campaign.

How do I get the best response from my telemarketing campaign?

Target ‐ target ‐ target! The database standard industry codes are very specific and the locations are definitive too. Try to pinpoint your ideal target audience, then direct your message to that audience.