Targeted telemarketing

Our targeted outbound telemarketing allows us to focus on your ideal prospect. By asking the right questions and tactful information gathering, results can be outstanding! By using our team and technology, your company will never miss an opportunity. Employ our telemarketing services to support an existing sales team or to simply generate new leads and opportunities for your business.

We’re New Zealanders with backgrounds in sales and management and our experience enables us to talk to people within an organisation at any level. We engage in intelligent and skilful conversation to deliver your message, extract information and achieve your objectives. As far as your customers and prospects are concerned, we’re part of your organisation.

Throughout your campaign, we provide detailed daily activity reports, which provide statistics around results and the cost per lead.

We know the value of understanding our client’s campaign objectives and apply them to create an impressive leads or sales pipeline. Whether we’re appointment setting, qualifying leads, supporting your sales team or building an independent pipeline, our team will turn outbound telemarketing contact into sales opportunities which in turn lead to profitable results.