Lead generation means more sales

We all need new sales leads. And the thing is, successful businesses don’t wait around for leads to appear — they go out and get them. It’s about being proactive. You know this. However, there are several reasons why you might be reactive, instead. Maybe you don’t have time? Perhaps you don’t have the skills? Or, maybe your sales people are just more suited to closing deals? Regardless, you still need new leads.

Do you need lead generation services? We specialise in telemarketing & telesales, CRM & admin support, and database acquisition. Our services include market research, sales promotions, appointment setting and customer surveys.


7 things you need to know to run a successful lead generation campaign

Using telemarketing to run successful events

Lead Generation for Real Estate


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What people are saying about us


“ We were in sync on the expectations and co-ordination of next steps, as there was constant communication.

Lisa Nicks

Fusion5 Ltd

“ Hot Leads have become an integral part of our marketing strategy. We run regular campaigns that provide us appointments.

Scott Wilson

Netbyte Digital Agency

“ I liked how simple it was to deal with Hot Leads. And the professional, friendly and kiwi manner in which their contractors represented my business.

Mark Bailey

Director, MB Security

“ “From my perspective, the difference between using Hot Leads and our results from the previous two to three years is like comparing night and day.

Brendan Drury

Orbit World Travel

“ At all times we felt completely in the loop – it was like we’d added another internal team who hit the ground running.

Cheryl Adamson

Parnell Inc.

“ Engaging with Hot Leads resulted in outstanding corporate participant numbers and exceeding our fundraising goals. The ROI for us has been excellent.

Shelly Reilly

National Manager Steptember, Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand Inc.

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