As New Zealand’s largest network of independent insurance brokers, BWRS understand kiwi’s insurance needs better than anyone. With 25,000 clients nationwide, this customer-centric company is as experienced at providing risk management solutions to corporate organisations as they are at offering rural insurance solutions to the nation’s farmers.

Knowing the importance of referrals in reaching new customers, BWRS partners with various insurance specialists to offer great risk management solutions to their clients.

However, sometimes it can be difficult for their brokers to generate the results they want to from these existing relationships. So, BWRS decided they needed some extra support to help build a healthy sales pipeline and secure ongoing leads. Enter the Hot Leads team!

Tactical telemarketing

Senior Marketing Manager at BWRS, Carla Gilmour, had been in touch with the Hot Leads team in the past and was impressed by their ability to keep her on the phone, so she reached out to them.

Working with data lists provided by BrokerWeb, Hot Leads initiated a trial 50-hour test campaign to generate qualified appointments for their brokers while marketing a fantastic Lifestyle Insurance solution.

“For brokers, it is hard to do the cold calling and have people repeatedly tell people they aren’t interested. This way, we get an initial gauge and then pass over the warm leads only.”

Building a piping hot pipeline

“Insurance is a long sell where people only renew once a year, so it’s critical to have that pipeline to secure ongoing leads. This is a really cost-effective way to make initial contact and get an understanding of whether the client is interested in going further with insurance.”

How long does it take to build a pipeline? When you’ve got the right people on the job, it may be faster than you think! Within a few days, Hot Leads started to secure appointments and the results exceeded BrokerWeb’s expectations exponentially.

“We quadrupled the number of leads for this particular referrer, providing us with a really healthy pipeline to start reaching out to.”

Fantastic service, outstanding outcomes

In fact, the results were so impressive that well before the initial campaign ended, BWRS asked Hot Leads to double the size of the campaign moving forward!

“They were getting fantastic rapport with the clients – it blew my expectations. We finished on around 55% conversion, getting so many leads through, setting up telephone appointments, and sourcing potential clients for email contact at a later date.”

While the outcomes alone were impactful, the benefits didn’t end there: they seeped throughout BWRS to imbue the organisation with a sense of confidence and a more positive mindset about the power of telemarketing.

“The most important thing is opening everyone’s eyes within our network of brokers to how receptive referrals are to having an insurance conversation. There was a perception that cold calling wouldn’t work, which is obviously not the case.”

The teams at BWRS and PGGW are over the moon about their smokin’ new pipeline and excited to continue exploring the potential of telemarketing in the future.

“Hot Leads have created a steady stream of leads and a solid pipeline. We have already had 160 odd leads! It’s a really healthy pipeline for our brokers to work through. We will definitely be using this method again!”

Need a lucrative pipeline for your business?

Well, if you’d like to experience all the benefits of a strong sales pipeline for yourself, reach out to Hot Leads today to find out how we can help you do it.