LJ Hooker

What would happen to your business if the number of direct competitors in your industry doubled? This is a daunting prospect for any business owner, but especially difficult😔 during a pandemic, when the selling environment is already challenging.

This is exactly the situation LJ Hooker Huntly real estate agent Vangie Philpot faced this year. During an already slow market, the number of agents in the area increased from five to eleven!

But instead of worrying about the competition, Vangie focused on finding ways to stand out from the crowd, working with Hot Leads on a targeted telemarketing campaign.

Collecting hot leads for future gains

Competition wasn’t the only challenge Vangie faced before connecting with Hot Leads. The market was also in a sluggish phase, with vendors in no rush to release their properties in the midst of a pandemic and during the school holidays.

Sellers are willing to play the waiting game, holding onto their homes until the market changes. But slow markets don’t necessarily mean a lack of opportunities. This is the ideal time to build connections and relationships with clients so that they’re warmed up and ready to work with you when they decide to sell.

A telemarketing campaign conducted by Hot Leads helped lay the foundations for solid relationships and kept Vangie busy during what would otherwise have been a slow period.

“My colleagues are excited that I’m busy appraising even though they aren’t! While the market is slow right now, I’m still getting in touch with these people and building a connection for when they are ready to sell.

[Telemarketing] has helped me to get in front of people and given me long term leads for when they might come back in a year’s time.”

The perfect fit

The thing about competition is that no matter how many competitors surround you, they are not you. Even within the same niche, there are those who offer variations in quality, differentiation personalities, and have varied ways of presenting themselves and their products.

In Vangie’s case, she recognised the value of additional marketing to help her get ahead of the competition. But she didn’t just choose any telemarketing business. She wisely selected a 100 % Kiwi telemarketing and lead generation company with a unique understanding of NZ businesses.

The partnership was a successful one.

“I’ve known other agents who have been to different leads companies, ended up paying way more with less results – no reports like Hot Leads provide. The written reports are great.

Hot Leads spoon-fed the info to me. I have all the leads in my database because of them, with a comprehensive reports, which puts me in a good position to capitalise on the start they made with each of the individuals.”

Fantastic foundations

There’s no good time in business to sit back and wait for things to improve. Slow markets are the ideal opportunity to connect with potential clients, get your name out there, and build relationships in preparation for the future.

Whether you’re faced with increased competition, a slow phase, or reluctant sellers, it’s essential to get keep looking for ways to lay the foundations for a positive outcome down the line. Telemarketing with Hot Leads helped Vangie get ahead of the game. She booked an impressive 43 appraisal appointments from her campaign and has some solid leads to keep her busy for the next few months.

“I recommend Hot Leads because they did a really excellent job. They did their very best for me, even though the vendors are just not ready right now. They’ve done so much, I’m happy. The report was really good; they spoon-fed the information to me, and it will always be there for me to refer to. This gives me the chance to present myself in the best way, and the campaign was done professionally compared to other agents.

I’m so happy I found them.”

If you’re looking for an edge over your competition, why not try a telemarketing campaign? It could be just the thing to get your name out there to your customers and set you up for a successful future.

Get in touch with the Hot Leads team today to discuss how we can help you stand out from the competition.