Treadway Equipped are automotive equipment specialists based in Whangarei. They are an offshoot of Treadway Ltd, a well-known wheel and trailer parts wholesaler established in 1976. Both companies are proudly family owned and operated in New Zealand and boast an impressive 100% satisfaction for 100 days or a money back guarantee. Treadway Equipped are working to be the first choice of companies looking to select the right automotive equipment for their business.

When Hot Leads first met with Treadway, they were looking not only to generate more sales leads but to get in front of their ideal customers – something which had previously proven difficult.

The personal touch

Hot Leads is also New Zealand owned and operated. Lisa Barker, Director of Hot Leads said, “We knew the exact, straight-forward, no nonsense approach Treadway needed to generate their dream customer.”

At only 20 hours a week and within 6 months Hot Leads generated millions of dollars of opportunities for Treadway’s sales pipeline.

The database was diverse and comprised a range of clients spread throughout New Zealand. Telemarketing offered Treadway a cost-effective engagement without the need to have a Sales Rep visit each business location.

Loren Bill, Treadway Sales Manager had this to say:

“I was happily surprised. Maryanne (Hot Leads Consultant) was perfect for this role. Her level of expertise was fantastic, and she easily related to our industry and gained customer confidence.

The first part of the job was calling all our existing clients – a database of around five thousand! Maryanne was able to generate an opportunity from every fourth or fifth call, which was an incredibly impressive conversion. Over a thousand. The second part, the cold calling, was a little harder to convert, but it always is. The results returned were still excellent.

Hot Leads smashed it and their recording and reporting system worked so well. I received daily emails, so it was easy to track our R.O.I.”

There were two telemarketing/lead generation companies we considered for this role, and I met with both of them, but after a small test with each, it was crystal clear that Hot Leads would deliver the best results. Deciding to work with Hot Leads was definitely the right choice.”

Good as gold – Hot Leads know their stuff

The key to success when it comes to a database of this size is efficiency and keeping an interactive dynamic with customers. Relevant and engaging conversations with existing and potential customers maximise rapport and open the door to strengthen ongoing business interactions.

According to Maryanne Simpson (Hot Leads Consultant):

“The personalised conversations made each business owner feel valued and supported whilst gathering valuable information for Treadway management. Customers appreciated the personal, one to one, contact and were impressed with our speedy response, with information requested emailed immediately, and quotes often sent on the same day.

It was very clear that without reaching out to these prospects, Treadway would have missed out on hundreds of opportunities to quote on new equipment as most owners reverted to old buying patterns, and were reluctant, or simply too time poor to research alternatives.”

When following up with the interested parties, the connection had already been established. So, it was a lot easier to move them onto the next step of booking an appraisal service.

Will Loren be using Hot Leads again?

Loved using them for set campaigns and will definitely do so again.

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