A Taste of Harmony

We all know that the global pandemic had a wide-reaching impact on many different industries. That impact was especially hard for those in the events industry. With people operating mostly from home and not gathering in groups, it was impossible for many regular events to take place. Now that restrictions have lifted and people are returning to the workplace, events are slowly starting to make a comeback.

But, people need to be reminded about the existence of these amazing events companies as we are all out of practice at attending and hosting events!

A Taste of Harmony, funded by the Scanlon Foundation, is one of those events. It’s an annual initiative that does amazing things to recognise and celebrate cultural diversity in Australian workplaces.

One of their biggest focuses is to bring people together to share, discover and learn about each other’s cultural heritage in workplaces throughout Australia. While the campaign was able to continue throughout the pandemic, the event’s side was impacted, so the team wanted to invite past participants to bring people back together in person to celebrate cultural diversity.

Enter the Hot Leads team with a targeted telemarketing campaign.

Generating Hot Leads and awareness

The pandemic wasn’t the only challenge the A Taste of Harmony team were facing. “In Australia, March is a very busy time in the diversity and inclusion space, many businesses are running events with this theme. We needed to create opportunities to directly engage with our audience to ensure we were top of mind and prioritised, and that we could encourage people to participate in our

After reading the positive reviews on Google and a campaign discussion with lead generation guru Lisa, A Taste of Harmony were ready to proceed with a Hot Leads telemarketing campaign. The aim was to raise awareness for the important work A Taste of Harmony is doing and encourage participation in the 2023 initiative. But, Hot Leads were able to do more than that!

Hot results in a hot market

“Working with Hot Leads has had a really positive impact on our business results. With their help, we were able to increase the number of registered participants in the 2023 campaign.

In addition to that, through their comprehensive reporting, we were able to identify a list of people who weren’t able to participate in 2023 but wanted to remain on the database to take part in future cultural diversity activities.

The reporting and level of detail Hot Leads provided has proved to be invaluable for our future planning. We don’t always have the opportunity to get feedback from our participants unless they actively send it to us. But, Hot Leads recorded written feedback from every conversation they had with the people on our database.

Now, we understand how people are feeling about the campaign, what they are excited about and if there were any barriers preventing them from taking part. We also got to hear some really beautiful stories about how our resources are being used, what people are getting value from, and how they enjoyed their experiences with us. This all helps us plan for an even more successful 2024 campaign!”

Planning for future success

In a post-pandemic world, you have to use every tool in your toolbox to get back in front of your people, especially in the fast-moving events space. Telemarketing can be a key part of a wider marketing strategy to rebuild brand awareness.

And Hot Leads could be the company to help you succeed. This is what the A Taste of Harmony team had to say about their experience working with us.

“We can 100% recommend the Hot Leads team. We really liked the fact that we were working with a small, dedicated team that were really focused on achieving our desired outcomes. Their attention to detail and comprehensive reporting is absolutely invaluable to us.

Their communication is outstanding, they keep you up to date on what is happening every single day. They managed to have a conversation with many of the people we listed and reported all that feedback to us. The level of detail they captured far exceeded our expectations and they were so meticulous in their approach.

Their level of client service far exceeds any other provider we’ve worked with. They are a small team focused on the task at hand and do exactly what you are asking them to do.”

Are you in the events industry or are trying to raise brand awareness for your business? Then, the Hot Leads team would love to help you as much as we helped A Taste of Harmony. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our focused telemarketing packages.