Staying in touch with your existing connections is vital for successful business. It allows you to update your client base of new opportunities to work with you, plus helps you to encourage great ongoing relationships, repeat business and referrals.

But, over time people’s businesses circumstances change. They may stop trading, pivot their offering, or simply have a change in circumstances. As a result, a database of client contacts can quickly go cold. Suddenly, you aren’t sure which of the contacts in your database are still engaged businesses.

That is exactly the problem NZTE were facing when they reached out to the Hot Leads team. With a CRM crammed full of contacts that hadn’t responded to previous emails, they weren’t sure which of the businesses were still active and who might benefit from their value-packed digital platform.

That’s where we stepped in.

Tactical telemarketing

“We had this project that was important to us, but we didn’t have the time or bandwidth to work on it internally,” says Emma Lewis of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE).

“We wanted to deliver value to our huge base of exporters and business connections by helping them register for our digital platform. But, we had a database of contacts that we’d been collecting for more than 2 years and we weren’t sure which ones were still engaged.”

NZTE is a government agency. Its role is to support Kiwi exporters of all sizes to grow their businesses internationally in order to grow a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy. With NZ products being sought after the world over, this is no small task!

With a hugely busy workload, they did not have the capacity to check the status of each individual in their database. But Hot Leads did!

A hot partner

While every business can benefit from telemarketing, not all businesses have the same needs from their calling campaigns. So, taking the time to establish the needs of our clients and the outcomes they are looking to achieve is vital.

“We chose to work with Hot Leads because of their boutique service offering. We had unique needs and didn’t want a company who simply made sales calls. Hot Leads were able to understand our unusual needs and respond to them, tailoring their service to our different goals.

Working with the team was great. Grant, our Relationship Manager, was super switched on and very easy to deal with. Everyone involved just got who we were and what we wanted. They were all totally reliable and responsive.

Because of who we are and the connections we have, we wanted to work with a customer-centric brand, and that is exactly what Hot Leads delivered for us.”

Impressive results

NZTE had been struggling to make a connection with some of the contacts in their CRM database. The contacts had been sent several emails by NZTE, but were still unresponsive.

Enter Hot Leads! Our team got on the phone to find out if these businesses were still trading and exporting. We then gathered updated contact details, introduced the businesses to the NZTE digital platform and guided them through the registration process.

With humans speaking to humans, we were able to create real connections that opened the door for further contact from NZTE. Over the course of the campaign, we helped activate 500 customers on the digital platform!

“When working with Hot Leads, we got exactly what we needed. They got the results. The final outcome was that we cleansed our CRM database and are now confident that everyone we have there is an engaged business.

Hot Leads were also able to sign many of our CRM contacts up to our digital platform so that we are able to deliver value to these businesses digitally.
If you need a business that takes the time to understand your individual needs and delivers great results, then Hot Leads are the ones to call.”

Do you have an upcoming project that you need help with? Then, let our team know your unique needs and we can tailor a telemarketing strategy to help you achieve it!