About us

A telemarketing, telesales and lead generation company that understands Kiwi business

Hello, I’m Lisa Barker, Director of Hot Leads – a Kiwi-owned company specialising in lead generation. We are a team of professional sales and marketing consultants – all with backgrounds in sales and management. Our experience enables us to think on our feet and identify opportunities when they arise – we therefore rarely work from a script.

How we work

As a telemarketing company we must understand your business. We’ll talk with you to understand where your products or services fit in the marketplace. We’ll find out how you win business. We’ll identify your strengths and your best target markets. Then we’ll set to work designing a targeted lead generation campaign.

It’s a cliché, but every business is different, including yours. This is why we find solutions based on your needs, not a set formula. There is certainly nothing “cookie-cutter” about how we operate.

Kiwis who know NZ business

As far as your prospects or customers are concerned, we’re part of your business. We are Kiwis who understand New Zealand’s business and geographic landscape. And we’ll be well briefed on your products or services.

About me, Lisa Barker

I am passionate about helping my clients win new business!

Having been self-employed for decades, I have a broad range of skills: sales, lead generation, advertising, recruitment, training and motivation, project design, implementation and execution along with an understanding of business, IT and sales processes.

During this time, I have owned and operated several successful businesses. These include Herne Bay Business Centre, Fax Attax, In-Transit Consulting – even a gift-basket business. I’ve found that my background enables me to relate easily with business people – I understand where they’re coming from.

For a while I managed several businesses at the same time and sold up when I started a family in 2004. Despite my transition to “parenthood”, it wasn’t too long before calls started coming in from previous clients needing sales and marketing assistance. So, I returned to proprietorship in 2008 and haven’t looked back!

Why use Hot Leads

A professional approach to lead generation

We take a professional, targeted, consultative approach to present your products or service to prospects.

Hot Leads offer a total solution

Planning, project management, campaign execution, results feedback and follow-up.

We work intimately with our customers

We know their products, services and company culture, which allows us to be informative and thorough when qualifying leads.

Customer service

Experience our customer-centric service, and you will feel like you have expanded your internal team. We get to know our customers, and their businesses in-depth – when we’re talking campaigns we make sure we look at it from your side of the desk. Thinking about your business, allows us to give the best advice to achieve maximum results.

Business acumen

Many years of business experience, allow us to “telemarket with a brain”. You won’t hear any of our telemarketing team laboriously reading an inflexible script which will leave the receiver cold. Our techniques engage our prospects, which coupled with a powerful, targeted database, lead to a dynamic outcome.

Customer testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it – we are delighted that a number of our customers have taken the time to personally recommend our services. Read our testimonials.

Use Hot Leads for

About Hot Leads

Customer surveys

Gauge feedback from your customers about products or services they would like offered by your company or find out how they rate their experience in doing business with you. Gaining feedback from your customers can assist greatly with customer retention and also maximises sales opportunities from contacts your company already deals with. Don’t let your hard earned customers shop around for products or services you may already, or could, offer!

Sales appointment setting

Keep your sales team on the road by employing Hot Leads to set the appointments. Many sales people are skilled in front of the customer, but lack either the motivation or the time to cold call. Together we will work out your personalised sales formula to ensure we generate enough leads to keep your sales team working through qualified “hot” leads.

Market research

Hot Leads can take your product or service idea to a targeted market segment, to ask the right questions to give you a clear indication of interest in the marketplace.

Product or sales promotions

Let Hot Leads contact your customers to advise them of current promotions in your business. For example: IT companies are continuously offering licensing deals, upgrade options and promotions to keep customers engaged and using their products and services. We will take your targeted customer segment and discuss with them the promotional options relevant or available to them.


We can use your own customer or prospect lists or we can acquire the perfect database to support your campaign objectives through one of our database suppliers.

Keep in contact with your customers or look for new ones

Whatever your aim is, we can help. So many businesses do not keep in regular contact with their customers. Instead they invest all their efforts in finding new business opportunities. Whilst is it is important to maintain the flow of new business opportunities, the importance of customer retention is huge and often customers will walk simply because they have not felt the love from their existing supplier. This can often be resolved in one friendly, informative and professional phone call a few times a year. Looking after your existing customers is the best, most cost efficient way to keep the flow of revenue and provide referrals back to your business.

Marketing services

Whether it’s developing comprehensive digital campaigns, optimising branding efforts, or leveraging data-driven insights, our aim is to deliver measurable results that drive growth and engagement. By understanding our clients’ industries, target audiences, and goals, we create tailored marketing strategies that harness the power of creativity and innovation. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, providing marketing services is not just about staying ahead of trends but also fostering lasting partnerships built on trust and delivering value that exceeds expectations. Learn more.