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The Pukekohe branch of Barfoot and Thompson boasts some impressive statistics. They were the #1 Branch of the Year in 2021 and won the Residential Sales, Large Office of the Year in the 2020 REINZ Awards. I think we can agree, their agents know how to sell property!

But Pukekohe agent, Neil Sharpe, recently discovered his marketing needed a more strategic approach. Auckland had entered a level 4 lockdown and all the usual methods of open homes and meeting in person were off the table.

So, he turned to a method that would allow him to keep marketing during lockdown restrictions.

Tactical telemarketing

During a citywide lockdown, many things grind to a halt – including a lot of the functions of the property market. So as you can imagine, it is an incredibly difficult time to launch a new career path in real estate! Unless you have a secret marketing weapon up your sleeve like Neil Sharpe discovered.

“Having Hot Leads on my team during lockdown was invaluable. Due to Covid, I wasn’t able to carry out regular marketing methods like letterbox flyer drops. But, by having a professional team making calls on my behalf, it kept my name out there, and allowed me to book a whole bunch of appraisals to start my career off in a really positive way.”

A hot partner

“I loved the idea that I could use this service to build relationships with people.” Neil knows that Real estate is a competitive profession and there are a lot of other agents in the region. But, a telemarketing campaign allowed him to stand out and open the door on a number of opportunities that he would not have had access to otherwise.

When following up with the interested parties, the connection had already been established. So, it was a lot easier to move them onto the next step of booking an appraisal service.

“Everyone I have followed up with was very impressed with the friendly nature and professionalism of the Hot Leads team. When they called the prospects, they made it seem as though they were part of my team. It made the connection far stronger when I called.”

Impressive results

In a time when door knocking and open homing is not allowed, Neil was able to connect with a huge number of people through the telemarketing campaign. And the timing could not have been better.

During lockdown, people spend a lot of time in their homes. Which means they have a lot of time to seriously think about their property, life circumstances, and next moves. Coupled with the onset of Spring and the imminent arrival of new property valuations in Auckland, lots of people were ready to take action, but weren’t sure how to do it.

“The results of the telemarketing campaign are really promising – it is going to pay for itself.” And, it has been so much more effective than a letterbox flyer drop as the results can easily be measured.

“Off the back of the campaign, I’ve booked 18 appraisals, had 70 people sign up to my email database, found 2 people who wanted to discuss the purchase of a property, and have 72 people who have requested follow ups, 8 of whom are keen for appraisals. I could not have achieved this level of connection with traditional marketing methods in the same time period.”

Neil is excited about the remaining potential for further telemarketing campaigns and feels this is just the tip of the iceberg. “I am happy with the results we have got so far and I know something further will come out of this. It will be well worth the investment!”

So, if you are looking to make an impact in your region, telemarketing could be your secret lockdown weapon for keeping you active and visible.

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