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The Child Cancer Foundation provides strength and comfort to families impacted by child cancer all over New Zealand via personalised support. In order to carry out their amazing work, they rely heavily on donations collected through various annual fundraising drives as they receive no government funding.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, people’s minds have been occupied with thoughts of lockdowns and shifting alert levels. The Child Cancer Foundation needed a targeted way to remind their various donors and sponsors of the upcoming donation opportunities.

That’s where we come into the story.

Tactical telemarketing

When you are making such a big impact on the families of Aotearoa, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Yet, how do you prioritise the right jobs to focus on when you are in the business of supporting families through such a difficult period in their lives?

Well, Francesca, Marketing Manager for the Child Cancer Foundation, found a practical way that her team could focus on their core work.

“We had a number of upcoming projects, but didn’t have the internal resource available to make a lot of phone calls, so we reached out to Hot Leads. And we are glad that we did! We had a particular fundraising campaign due to launch as a lockdown started and we weren’t sure how it would go and if fundraisers would still get involved.

The Hot Leads team did a lot of work checking in with our registered participants. That work helped us know exactly what the sentiment was we were dealing with. It stopped us having to make assumptions and we could move forward with our plans thanks to the information that Hot Leads gathered for us.”

A hot partner

No matter how worthy your cause is, it can be hard to encourage donations when there is so much else happening in the world. Especially when usual fundraising methods are off the table and lockdowns force you to reschedule various funding drives.

“We were pleasantly surprised by how many of our donors appreciated a phone call from us. The Hot Leads team completed warm and professional calls that took some pressure off our team. Because of the groundwork they did with their calls, we were able to retain or increase our donor’s contributions as well as update their details for our system.

Hot Leads also did a LOT of work formatting their templates to ensure the information received from phone calls could be easily used and uploaded into our system post campaign. The team are very flexible and accommodating.”

Impressive results

In a time of uncertainty and event cancellations, the Child Cancer Foundation was still able to connect with potential donors and raise awareness of their various fundraising campaigns through a number of telemarketing campaigns.

“The Hot Leads team were really passionate about creating great results for us. They went above and beyond in many areas. Not only did they create a large number of warm leads for our team to follow up on, but they had some solutions to make calling campaigns more effective.

We had a number of different campaigns with different audiences and objectives. They included corporate and consumer, raising awareness of events, tele-fundraising, technology, and a mixture of warm and cold leads. Hot Leads had great flexibility and adaptability, able to change their approach when things changed to achieve the best results possible.

Going forward, we now have an extra tactic to utilise for future campaigns. We can better focus our internal resources, allowing our internal team to focus on making more cost effective calls. The Hot Leads team are really easy to work with. They make the process straightforward and clear. Their customer service is great and it was always easy communicating with the team. We had a really positive experience and will be running more campaigns.”

So, if you are looking to raise awareness of fundraising drives or simply generate a list of warm leads, then the Hot Leads team can help you do it.

Get in touch with the team today to chat about how we can help you achieve great results like the. Child Cancer Foundation did!