Exceptional support

We go further

Telemarketing campaign done? That’s no reason to sit back and relax. It’s all very well having a nicely populated sales pipeline at the end of your lead generation project, but what next?

  • How will you keep your leads and prospects nurtured, and your data up to date?
  • What about sending out collateral to support your campaign? Do you have the time and processes?
  • If your campaign requires prospects to contact you, how will you handle a flood of calls?
  • And what about your existing customers? Are they feeling the love?

Support and administration

We know that attracting new opportunities is only the beginning. That’s why our skills don’t start and end with telemarketing. Once we’ve completed your project, Hot Leads can provide customer relationship management (CRM) or admin support to support the full sales and customer engagement cycle.

Don’t ever let a hot lead go cold

Overstretched follow-up processes, limited resources, a lack of time or an overflow of sales opportunities can be very real problems. It’s at times like these that hard-won sales opportunities can drop off the radar.

We can use our technology solutions to streamline the follow-up process and nurture your prospects for you. And we can provide smart and efficient administrative support to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. So, if you have too much to manage, you can rely on us to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Ever.

Send, send, send!

Is sending out supporting collateral one of your campaign tactics? It’s critical that you fulfil every request promptly, and capture the action in your CRM for further follow-up.

We can send out physical or digital collateral on your behalf, collect additional data, and ensure that your CRM is updated so you can see who has entered your sales funnel. All while leaving your team free to continue with business as usual. Job done.

From call chaos, to calm and collected

So, you’ve just run a great new campaign, and your prospects have your phones running hot. What are you going to do?

Call Hot Leads! We can run a call-centre service for you to respond to and manage out-of-the-box questions, registrations and orders. Ideal for time-sensitive, not-for-profit fundraising campaigns.

The oldies are goodies

It’s easy to overlook customers who have been with you for years but haven’t purchased from you in a while. In reality, they are a goldmine for your business. They know, love and trust you – don’t neglect them!

Would a timely call from us prompt them to re-engage? Perhaps they don’t know about new products or services that you are offering (and were about to look elsewhere)? We can share the love (and renew the attention) to help you reignite passive customers relationship into hot leads.

Talk to us. We can make life easier.