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Like night and day. The Hot Leads’ difference.

Brendan Drury, Orbit World Travel’s Managing Director said: “From my perspective, the difference between using Hot Leads and our results from the previous two to three years is like comparing night and day.”

Unplug the potential of your prospect list with care!

We loved working with Master Plumbers and were delighted to be behind boosting their membership numbers, even if we stretched the capacity of their sales team. Sorry – not sorry!

“It would be fair to say that we were very surprised by the level of engagement,” said Margaret Dawson, Operations Manager for Master Plumbers, “and probably a bit under-prepared for it!”

If you’d like to read more about the Master Plumbers campaign, then check out this case study.

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

The Foundation opted for a light-handed, personal approach to their prospective business supporters, says Nicky. “We wanted them to feel like Pink for a Day wasn’t a difficult or time-consuming commitment, and ultimately it’s about more people knowing what to look for and where they can get help if they need it. The lovely Hot Leads team absolutely got that across. People found it easy to sign up, which is exactly how we wanted it to be.”

Team Davis

Steve and Miriam decided to be proactive and approached Hot Leads to help build a funnel of sales opportunities. Steve had used lead generation/telemarketing services before, with varying degrees of success. However, once he saw the Hot Leads’ website and read what clients had to say about them, his confidence was high.

United Flower Growers

Keen to build the first complete and up-to-date database of NZ flower growers, UFG decided to invest in telemarketing to enrich the information in their CRM (customer relationship management) system.

Master Plumbers

Master Plumbers purchased a contact list of plumbing company owners in New Zealand. At first, they considered working through the names themselves to identify prospects. But soon realised that their resources were limited, and the process would be too slow.

Following the suggestion of a business partner, Greg Wallace, Chief Executive for Master Plumbers, approached Hot Leads.

Taupo District Chamber of Commerce

Not only did Hot Leads help the Chamber deliver a great event turnout, but over the course of the project they cleansed and expanded the membership contacts database. “They effectively extended our network,” says Catie.

MB Security

MBS started off by asking Hot Leads to design and execute a test campaign in selected South Auckland suburbs. The strategy worked on having in-depth conversations with business owners about their existing security technology and monitoring. Mark was run off his feet attending appointments the test campaign set up for him.

The Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand

Telemarketing proved to be the Society’s most successful tactic for gaining support from the corporate sector and generated the highest rate of return. Impressed with the outcome, the Society commissioned Hot Leads to continue their good work on a larger scale.