Steve and Miriam make up the formidable Team Davis. They work with Harcourts Real Estate, helping homeowners and buyers realise their dreams in the winterless North. They are committed to providing their clients with exceptional personal service along with the highest level of professionalism, local knowledge and integrity.

Property search

The basis of running any successful real estate business is having a solid and ongoing pipeline of properties on offer.

While Miriam excelled at finding new listings, it took her away from doing what she loved – visiting sellers, running open homes and most importantly, just helping people buy and sell properties. And none of the other strategies they tried could replace her personal touch.

“We’d been trying other passive methods like using our website and social media,” says Steve. “We were using an SEO specialist, running Google AdWords, using Facebook – the works. Basically, we were waiting for the contacts to come to us. But despite investing our time, effort and money, we weren’t getting great results.”

The prospecting professionals

Steve and Miriam decided to be proactive and approached Hot Leads to help build a funnel of sales opportunities. Steve had used lead generation/telemarketing services before, with varying degrees of success. However, once he saw the Hot Leads’ website and read what clients had to say about them, his confidence was high. And after talking to Lisa and discovering that one of her consultants had real estate experience, he was sold.

“Their consultant proved to be extremely good. She knew the right questions to ask and the right information to gather. She added valuable information to our database and encouraged 50 additional people on our list to sign up for our marketing emails. We’d been struggling to grow our email reach, so what she achieved was superb.”

Team Davis also collaborated with Hot Leads to apply some of their inherent sales smarts to prospecting projects. They dropped thousands of leaflets promoting a special ‘summer marketing deal’ to potential sellers directly before telemarketing started. Coordinating the call from Hot Leads to follow immediately increased levels of awareness and successfully converted seller interest to action.

Hot Leads undertook two 40-hour campaigns over November and December. They generated a total of 27 qualified appointments, and identified a significant number of ‘warm’ leads for Team Davis to nurture.

A superb job, a healthy pipeline

Given the impressive outcomes from their first two campaigns, it’s unsurprising that Miriam has no plans to go back to phone prospecting herself any time soon. And while Hot Leads continue to make calls on their behalf up until 8 pm, Team Davis can enjoy some time out together after a busy day of appointments.

“Hot Leads have done a superb job of growing the number of opportunities in our sales pipeline,” says Steve. “We enjoy working with them and we’ll continue to use their services.”