Awesome events

Plan to succeed

Events of every kind are hard work. They take a lot of time, effort and money to organise, promote and run. So there’s nothing more disappointing or embarrassing than a lacklustre turnout.

While you’re keeping your eye on the myriad details that contribute to a successful event (be it an expo, conference, seminar, networking event, fundraiser or product launch), let Hot Leads make the calls to generate the attendee numbers you need to realise a return on your investment.

Your secret weapon

While assigning internal resources to call your invite list may seem like a good option, it’s not as cost-effective or efficient as you may think.

For a start, we have dedicated software which provides real-time reporting, so you can see how your event numbers are tracking all in one place. If there aren’t enough registrations, this gives you time to source more contact lists and step up your promotional activities.

Next, it’s what we do. Even if they have the bandwidth, your sales team or admin staff are likely to run out of the will to live after their 50th telemarketing call. But for us, it’s what we do, day-in, day-out. And we love it.

Lastly, and as you’d expect, our people are great at drumming up RSVPs. But don’t take our word for it. The Taupō District Chamber of Commerce and Industry got unsolicited feedback from their members on how much they enjoyed talking to ‘the nice lady on the phone’.

This is the sort of feedback we consistently get from our clients:

“In a semi-rural area, it’s that polite, friendly and personal touch that impresses people. More so than an easy-to-ignore email. Thanks, Hot Leads!” The Taupō District Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

RSVPs and follow-ups

We treat event registration telemarketing campaigns as a two-step process.

The first is following up the names on your original invitation list, or on prospects who have registered their ‘online interest’ in your event. The second is a follow up just a few days before the event to those who have said they are coming.

Given that you can expect up to 25% of your registered attendees to not show up on the day (and potentially higher if you’re running a free event), this is an essential call, and can significantly drive up final on-the-day attendance rates. At least if registrants do cancel at this late stage we can let you know immediately, so you have the opportunity to revise seating, name badge, and catering plans.

The big event

Do you run expos, conferences and events dependent on the commitment of exhibitors? We can help you fill exhibition booths by targeting companies who will add value to your event, or even help you find industry appropriate speakers or sponsors.

The success of an industry event is dependent on the quality of the businesses represented as well as your attendees. When you have interesting, dynamic relevant exhibitors, you attract delegates who are there for the right reason – not just a day off work and free food. The combination of the right exhibitors and motivated delegates maximises the network or business opportunities for all. It’s a marriage made in heaven for them, and a repeatable formula for you that will have businesses queuing to be involved, year after year.

We have the capacity, capability and skills to make your event a triumph in terms of turn out. If you’d like to find out more about how we helped The Chamber have a successful and ‘event-full’ day you can read more here, or check out our useful blog on generating RSVPs.

Or you could just call us now. We’re here to help.