Start your telemarketing campaign on the right foot

It’s all very well knowing your target market, and their sales cycle, inside out, but maintaining or acquiring a great list is the backbone of a successful lead generation campaign.

Talk to us about finding the perfect list from one of our reputable database suppliers or cleaning up and maintaining your existing list.

Investing in a new database

Expanding into wider markets, looking for more prospects, or starting from scratch? The fastest way to get a lead generation campaign off the ground is to purchase a tailored database. We can help.

We only work with database suppliers who have large numbers of contacts, and a commitment to providing clean and up-to-date data. Not only can we help you find the right list, but we can work with you to define the information that needs to be on it.

A purchased business database will provide contact details (physical and postal addresses, phone numbers, etc.) for companies and employees from publicly available information. However, it should be noted that a good database provider won’t supply email contact details, as this can result in information being sent to prospects without their consent which is in breach of New Zealand’s Electronic Messaging Act.

A word of warning: While it’s easy to be tempted by the numerous emails offering thousands of names chosen to suit your needs at an amazing price, the lists are rarely from reliable sources. If they sound too good to be true, then yep, they generally are.

Check out our golden rules of data or download our free eBook to find out why the quality of your data is critical to the success of your campaign.

Love your list

Did you know that the average list we’re supplied from our clients for lead generation campaigns can have inaccurate, out of date or obsolete data of up to 30%? You name it – incorrect names, job titles and contact numbers, data added to the wrong field, inconsistent formatting and more.A poorly maintained list means that nearly every third call we make is chewing up time and effort that you’re paying for.An accurate, targeted and up-to-date list is a valuable business asset which requires ongoing time, attention and care. We specialise in helping our clients keep their lists looking great, and we can even enter updates directly into your CRM to minimise the effort required at your end. So, every time one of your sales team picks up the phone, they can be confident that they’re talking to the right person, first time. Or when you decide to run a lead generation campaign, we can immediately start delivering results rather than having our time diverted into repairing unloved and neglected data.We’re pretty hot on the topic of loving your data! Check out our blogs on dirty data, using downtime to spring clean your lists, and the advantages that come from starting the New Year with an all-loved-up-and-ready-to-use database.Give us a call. We’re ready to listen!