Parnell Inc. is an Incorporated Society whose activities are funded, via a partnership programme with Auckland City Council, by commercial ratepayers within Parnell Inc.’s boundary area. Their objective is to be the collective voice of Parnell and a strong advocate for business in the area, with an overall aim of fostering economic success.


Parnell Inc. had a representation of businesses and landlords down the main street. Their project was to expand the boundary to include all businesses and landlords in the wider Parnell community to form one Parnell business precinct. A successful outcome would give the Society the opportunity to harness the collective expertise of all the businesses in Parnell, and represent the precinct regarding advocacy and policy issues. It would also enable the Society to refine the Parnell brand and brand experience, unify the area, and transform how they expressed the unique Parnell business identity.

Outsourced partner selection

The Society’s marketing and voting process had rigid timelines. They had an extensive database of businesses and landlords to follow-up, confirm receipt of their voting pack and encourage participation by casting their vote. However, the Society’s internal resources were limited.

The Society was extremely nervous about outsourcing the calling part of this process. They required a partner who completely understood their campaign objectives, as well as being able to provide reporting and total visibility on the current status of calls while working seamlessly between the Society’s office and Election Services. Furthermore, it was important that the calls made were by professionals who also knew the geographic landscape of the proposed expansion area.

Enter Hot Leads

After engaging with Lisa Baker, Director of Hot Leads, the Society felt confident that her company would deliver the campaign in an in-depth and professional manner. They especially liked the fact that her all of her consultants had both local knowledge and business experience. Best of all, the Hot Leads team understood the importance of the success of the campaign and had a thorough grasp of the intricacies of the information that needed to be delivered.

“At all times during the campaign we felt completely in the loop – for us it was like we’d added another internal team who hit the ground running” said Cheryl Adamson, General Manager of Parnell Inc. “Hot Leads were completely professional, as well as being extremely flexible and available at any time for a discussion. Likewise, information on the status of contacts on our database was always current and at hand if we needed to enquire.”

A fantastic result!

The Parnell Inc. campaign delivered a ballot count of 75.08% YES vote to expand the boundary, which was an outstanding result. They also received very positive feedback from the business community, complimenting them on a well-run campaign. “Hot Leads were an integral part of this process,” said Cheryl, “and we were pleased we selected them to partner with us for this important project.”