Netbyte is the original digital agency, and pioneers of website development and masters of online strategy since 1995. Twenty years on, they still believe that your website should be the centre of your marketing efforts. Their focus is firmly on helping their clients connect with customers and prospects, and essentially “Transforming Business Relationships®”.


Like most businesses, the back-end relies on the front-end providing a consistent stream of new projects. Apart from building great websites, Netbyte knew that when given the opportunity to pitch for a project or new client, 9 times out of 10 they would win. Their problem was a ‘wonky’ sales pipeline, which suffered peaks and troughs because their hands-on BDM and Director would simply run out of time to work on lead generation. They needed an outsourced partner, one who could professionally represent the business, knew their stuff and would roll up their sleeves and bring in the opportunities Netbyte knew they could win.

Enter Hot Leads

From the outset, the team at Netbyte was impressed with how well Lisa Baker, Director of Hot Leads, understood the sales and business process. Importantly, her consultants were all experienced sales professionals with a thorough understanding of New Zealand’s geographic and business landscape. “Lisa outlined clearly what we needed to do, by way of a trial campaign, and what we could expect to gain upon its conclusion,” says Scott. “By the end of the trial, we had stats which confirmed that telemarketing with Hot Leads would provide us with a stream of qualified appointments. Getting in front of a prospect was the hard part for us, but once there, we were away and highly successful in winning business and delivering the project.”

No more wonky sales pipeline

Hot Leads have now become an integral part of Netbyte’s marketing strategy, running regular campaigns to provide the company with regular appointments with promising prospects.