New Zealand has now been in lockdown for a week and we’ve all been busy preparing to do things differently in many respects. Most of us are working from home (WFH the new 2020 acronym), mitigating the family requirements fully blended with work responsibilities, and trying not to freak out about how we all ended up here in such a short time. Seriously, what the heck just happened?

Like many businesses, we’ve had to close the office doors, however, for the Hot Leads team it remains business as usual, now from the safety of our homes. Whilst we can’t meet face-to-face, we are available for video meetings, emails and phone calls. We will continue to deliver and maintain the best service possible and welcome our valued clients to communicate with us in their usual way.

This is a time we have not experienced before and we are facing our own unique challenges, but Kiwis are resourceful by nature – tap into your can-do and make the best of the now.

A good time for housekeeping.

When I say housekeeping, screw the vacuuming. Like everything, this too shall pass. How can you make the most of this time? There’s no time like the present to get your customer or prospect lists up to date and squeaky clean. You’d be surprised at how many out-of-date, poorly formatted databases we see. The quickest way to pour your marketing funds down the drain, is to send your message to the wrong people, phone numbers, email or mailing addresses. Check out our blog on database cleansing and feel free to give me a call if you need assistance.

When the going gets tough, the tough reinvent!

If your business is struggling – don’t give up.
Get your creative juices flowing and think outside the square.
How can your business adapt to meet today’s market, which is so different from the market only a few weeks ago?
If you need to, and can, reinvent the wheel of how/what/where/when you do business. Go for it!