Fundraising campaigns are a lifeline for many not for profit organisations and charities.

They rely on donations made by the public, corporate organisations and kind hearted souls to carry out their important work.

But, those donations don’t flow in like magic. It takes consistent work and follow up to maintain existing donors and generate new ones.

Unfortunately, this can be a job that doesn’t get the full attention it needs as it is so time consuming.

It is especially hard in a time of uncertainty where some fundraising opportunities are cancelled or postponed.

So, what is the solution?

Donations are required to do valuable support work. Yet, the support work takes up much of the organisation’s time so they can’t dedicate time towards encouraging

Luckily, if you find the right resource, it is a job that can be outsourced.

Partnering with the right callers

We have all had that moment where we pick up the phone to a number we don’t recognise and find ourselves trapped on the call with an aggressive salesperson.

That is telemarketing done wrong.

Rather than choosing someone who is all about the sale, you should select a telemarketing partner who actually cares. Not just one that cares about the results they are going to achieve for an organisation, but one who also cares about the people they get on the other end of the phone.

For us here at Hot Leads, it is an honour to help amazing organisations source funding so that they can carry out their valuable work. Which is why we treat everyone involved with the utmost respect.

We know that there are people out there who want to contribute to your cause and we are passionate about finding them for you in a respectful and professional way!

Testing interest

Cold calling can be hard if you aren’t sure what you are doing. If you don’t arm yourself with the right tactics, then you are unlikely to have much success.
You may find your call recipients hanging up on you or giving you a hard, flat no. That can be really disheartening and off putting! However, if you enter the call to have a conversation, rather than going for a hard sell, then you’ll enjoy greater success.

Creating a conversation about donations takes practice and skill. AND a well-crafted script. These are the things that professional telemarketers have in their back pockets. They have been trained to create opportunities for your team, whether it is a call back opportunity or joining an email

By having a telemarketing firm test interest on your behalf, you don’t waste internal resources. It also helps you to gather valuable insight into where your organisation is positioned. Armed with extra insight and sentiment about your market, you can then make informed decisions.

Maximising your resources

Most charity organisations do not have the internal resource to make hundreds of calls a week. And to be honest, that wouldn’t be the best use of their time!
Especially when you may have a number of campaigns with different audiences and objectives. Each one will require a different strategy and calling objective. You need people with diverse and flexible calling skills.

Maximise your resources and allow your team to focus on what they do best by sourcing some help.

By engaging a telemarketing firm, your team will get to focus on the quality, warm leads only.

As a reputable telemarketing firm, we can utilise your own databases or you can gain access to ours. We make initial fact finding calls to gauge the interest of potential donors. Once we have compiled a shortlist of those that are interested, we pass them on to you for the next stage of communication.

Working in an uncertain market

No one truly knows what the coming months have in store for us. With a new protection framework to understand, new variants of the virus evolving, and uncertainty about how long this health crisis will last, your usual marketing methods may be off the table. And even if you can still utilise those methods, they may not be as effective as they once were.

So, what can you do?

There is one marketing method that will always cut through and generate results. That method is having valuable conversations with people. Conversations create a connection and an opportunity to build trust, plus they allow for a question and answer situation.

Unfortunately, conversations take time to have. And there is no way to speed up that process. You can’t hit fast forward on people! The best option is to outsource the initial conversation process to trusted telemarketers like the team here at Hot Leads. We love conversations. And the conversations we have with people open the door for your team. We start the conversation for you to continue.

Want to have a conversation about how we can make conversations for your organisation? Then reach out to us today!