In the fast-paced world of real estate, staying ahead of the competition and keeping sales pipelines healthy is a constant challenge. Harcourts Grenadier, the leading Harcourts franchise in the South Island, found itself in a similar predicament. Their dedicated agents were swamped with the need to generate more listings to meet the ever-growing demand from buyers. It was a puzzle they needed to solve, and they did so by embracing an innovative approach – tactical telemarketing.

A strategic shift

Anna Penny Moore, Grenadier’s Business Operations Officer, recognised the need for a more strategic approach to lead generation. Instead of burdening individual agents with the arduous task of cold-calling potential clients, the company decided to undertake a company-wide lead generation project using telemarketing. Anna explained, “We wanted consistency, compliance, and coordination in our lead generation efforts. This led us to the idea of conducting telemarketing campaigns from a company perspective.”

This shift in strategy was a significant departure from their previous marketing efforts. Grenadier had explored various avenues, including radio and Google Ads, digital advertising, and franchise collaborations. However, these efforts had yielded mixed results. It was time to explore the untapped potential of telemarketing.

Partnering with Hot Leads

Choosing the right partner for this endeavour was crucial. Anna explored several telemarketing companies but was left unimpressed until she crossed paths with Hot Leads. Their professionalism, industry experience, and commitment to legal compliance immediately stood out. Hot Leads understood the nuances of the real estate industry, ensuring they wouldn’t encroach on other franchise territories.

Anna recounted her experience, saying, “Hot Leads has been great to deal with. Their pricing was reasonable, and they were adept at accommodating our specific database requirements.”

Delivering tangible results

The decision to embrace telemarketing as a lead generation strategy proved to be a game-changer for Harcourts Grenadier. Anna proudly shared the impressive results achieved in just three months: “Hot Leads has secured 98 appointments for our agents. These meetings translated into two successful sales and five new listings. Even when prospects weren’t immediately ready to list their property, we knew they eventually would. Hot Leads allowed us to nurture these relationships until they were ready to commit. These are opportunities we wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

The impact of this campaign extended beyond numbers; it left Grenadier’s management teams delighted. Hot Leads had not only met but exceeded their expectations, proving to be a reliable partner in their journey to success.

In the fiercely competitive real estate industry, innovative strategies like the one implemented by Harcourts Grenadier can make all the difference. Their collaboration with Hot Leads has not only generated tangible results but also showcased the power of strategic telemarketing in transforming a company’s lead generation efforts. Harcourts Grenadier is now poised to continue its journey as the South Island’s leading real estate franchise, armed with a powerful tool to drive success in the ever-evolving market.